Lock-Eye Vip

Lock-Eye Vip was one of our most aggressive cattle dogs. She bites right on the nose and heels low, yet she is under enough control to work sheep well. Vip has produced some very talented cattle dogs. Lock-Eye Ivy, Lock-Eye Flame,Lock-Eye Kate and Lock-Eye River are her daughters. Lock-Eye Cash is a Vip son and Penny is sired by Lock-Eye Edge, Cash's littermate. They all excellent cattle dogs, hitting both ends. Vip's hips are OFA Excellent and her eyes are CERF'd normal. All her pups and grandpups that have been tested have been OFA Good or Excellent.

Vip is now spayed and lives and herds with Tracy Heinlein. Tracy spent a few days learning how to work Vip. They make a great pair of farm hands! Vip will be missed here,but very much loved with Tracy and her family.

** News Flash! Tracy and her family moved to Oklahoma (5 miles away from me.) in May, 2004. Tracy works for me as my training Assistant! Tracy is an excellent clicker trainer and is also an experienced Agility handler. She will be helping with all aspects of Lock-Eye Border Collies, including herding.

Vip heeling.

Lock-Eye Vip

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Vip's OFA

Vip is CERF tested free of PRA and CEA every year she was bred. She is now 9 years old and spayed.
. She has some small "old dog" cataracts,which is not uncommon. .

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