Border Collie Basics For Beginners
Herding training video or DVD's!
2 tapes or 2 DVD's--please specifiy.
(This includes shipping.)

Lock-Eye Border Collie Training Video

Lock-Eye Border Collies has produced a realistic video on how to start your stockdog. Especially important is our information on how to raise your pup from 8 weeks until it's old enough for herding training. Many potentially great pups are ruined by uneducated owners!

Our tape/DVD shows many different types of dogs and their first days on stock. (Actual first days.) The video shows their training progress until they are working cattle in the pasture. Both cattle and sheep are used to train the dogs on. This is a 2 tape set and is almost 4 hours long.

Cost: $55 Postage Paid

To order send a check to:

Lock-Eye Border Collies
Rt 1 Box 603 Westville, OK 74965
(918) 723-3052


Lock-Eye Border Collies Demo Video or DVD

Free video-$10 charge for postage and handling.

This video shows my dogs herding, playing, Search and Rescue, as well as Lock-Eye's in Agility!

2-hours long.

Lock-Eye Border Collies Clicker Video

This tape shows 2 puppies being trained to:
Sit,down,come,fetch,roll over and wave using the clicker training method.
(Rising Sun Over Lock-Eye "Solar" and Lock-Eye Drake are the stars.)

** Extra footage**
Lock-Eye's in Agility, Search and Rescue and Frisbee® dogs!

Free Video-$10 charge for postage and handling.
Want a clicker? Add $2
40 minutes long

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