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Teaching Herding to Humans is Hard (August/September 2001 issue of the Ranch Dog Trainer)

A Stock Dog Puppy's First Year (Published in the April/May  2000 issue of the Ranch Dog Trainer and The Ranch Dog Trainer's Puppy Book)  Deals with every aspect of raising a StockDog Puppy.

Allowing A Dog To Learn  (Published in the Dec/Jan 2000 issue of the Ranch Dog Trainer)   This article is about the concept of letting a dog figure things out for itself with real work situations. 
Question and Answer Forum (Appeared in the Oct/Nov '97 issue of the Ranch Dog Trainer)    How to train a Stock Dog that has had limited bonding with humans.   Is actually a step-by-step article on how to start a working dog also.

 Open Letter To A Client    (June/July 2000 issue of the Ranch Dog Trainer)    A short letter to describe why some dogs don't train out that get "Too Much" attention.  Talks about the fine line between not enough and too much.  

Ain't Misbehavin' Obedience Classes(handout)


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