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Lock-Eye Peck on the Cheek, aka Peck
(Smooch x Rimmer son @ 11 months old.)

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Lock-Eye Syd

Syd's Story

I got a call one night. The man on the other end of the line said he had a Border Collie he wanted to give away. The dog had been getting out of his pen and even breaking logging chains while they were at work. The dog was running with a pack and chasing cattle. Did I want him? He was 3 and very friendly. The man was afraid someone was going to shoot the dog. I hesitated and asked lots of questions. When you raise and train Border Collies for a living, you can't afford to bring in a dog that is going to cause you more problems than you have time to deal with. I finally agreed to come and look at him, as he was registered and VERY well bred. That was a day to change my life.

I did get Syd that day and he was a handful! He would just run up to you and put his paws on your shoulders! Oh my, he needed some manners! Syd was very willing to learn and soooo friendly. A true lovebug. Bronze, his Grandson, takes after that trait totally, as did his offspring.

Working ability was there also! He was stylish and aggressive. But, he had been allowed to do what he wanted to do. This usually causes problems. Syd was too aggressive. He bit all the time. I spent the next year training him. I worked him on cattle first, then sheep. Normally, I do the opposite, but as he had already learned to duck kicks, I wasn't worried about that. Syd trained out to be an open trial winning dog. He sired many puppies with his style and ability. John Holman's Moo is a Pearl x Syd Son. Tom Lacy ran a Syd x Pearl Son named John (Chug) and did well with him. I kept him until he was 8 years old and then retired him.

Syd now resides in NJ, working for the "The Geese Police" and is in heaven. He swims, chases geese and gets petted all day!
(What more could a Border Collie want in life?)

Lock-Eye Bronze is a grandson of Syd.

Bronze is now living in Japan and siring beautiful pups at Merry Farms!


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