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Lock-Eye Smooch

Smooch is a beautiful red and white Border Collie. She works both cattle and sheep and has lots of Style and power. She is an honest worker and truly believes everyone comes to our farm just to visit her! Smooch is about as "people friendly" as a dog can be. She lives to please and is a joy to train. Smooch is OFA Good and CERF normal.

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Smooch working cattle.

Smooch was bought in Sept,2000 from a local farmer. She was a little over one year old. The main reason I purchased her was because there was a gentleman coming from England to "Play Dogs" with us for two weeks. Keith Brooks from Northumberland.He requested that since he was not able to bring his own dogs, I acquire a "Project" for him to work on while he was here.( A dog that was not bonded with me already). I happened to get a call from a man who had one to sell because she was "working herself to death". Smooch had been allowed to run free for the year before I bought her. Usually this ruins a dog for training. Smooch was the exception. While she had never been formally trained to gather livestock, she worked the cattle alone every day since she "turned on". The key word is "Worked". She didn't chase, nor molest them. They had put enough obedience and common sense discipline on her that she welcomed a human to step in and teach her specific tasks. What a biddable girl! She is honest & stylish, but has bite when she needs it!

Smooch Working videos.

Keith Brooks and Smooch
Above is Keith and Smooch

Smooch has the unique quality of being able to "Talk." It is an unmistakable sound that brings a smile to your face every time you hear it. Many of her puppies "Talk" also! Listen to Dessa talk!

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Smooch working in the snow"Smooch working lambs in the snow









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