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Lock-Eye's Making the Grade, AX and AXJ and Junior Dock Dogs
" Quiz"
(Lock-Eye Vip X Lock-Eye Lazer)

I welcomed Lock-Eye's Making the Grade - Quiz (Vip X Lazer) into my life in July of 2003. He was shipped with his brother Zap and they were as happy as could be after making the plane trip from Oklahoma to San Diego. Quiz was already clicker savvy when he arrived (via Michelle), so the fun started immediately.
Quiz is primarily an agility dog - and has just started his career and finished his Novice Standard and Jumpers titles in AKC. He is an exceptionally smooth and fluid dog to work - he jumps with ease and is totally responsive and biddable. Unlike many BC's he goes to the line without a "peep". Calm and collected to the line and on the start line stay - but once you say "go", he's completely ON. (What a boy!) I look forward to a long and successful agility career with Quiz. Quiz also dabbles in other venues as well. It is evident that Quiz is a "water collie". He has been swimming and diving since he arrived in San Diego. He adores water and "swim herding". He earned his Novice Dock Diving Title (for fun) in Scottsdale, Az. He is fabulous on the lure course - quite breathtaking to watch at top speed. He has been tested on sheep and shows great promise - very strong eye and will stand up for himself without being overly aggressive. We just started Disc dog and will hopefully compete in some distance events in the future. Quiz LOVES his Frisbee - so I think if I can learn to throw, he will do quite well.
Quiz is also a "tug-o-holic" and will do anything for a good tugging session - which is exactly what I asked Michelle for, she delivered!!! I am so happy with all Quiz has accomplished and become - he is easy to live with and fun to work with. Quiz is even quite the cuddle bug when he's all done "working". He lives with my four other dogs, cat, cockatoo, rabbit, and tortoise, he is very respectful of all the little critters and would never dream of harming them. However, the cockatoo does chase him about a little bit, and Quiz humors him. Quiz is everything I asked for in a companion and agility partner and I appreciate all the work Michelle does with her pups, getting them off to the right start and matching them to the right person.

Julie Baker-Conte

The "PACK"
TOBEE (all-american)AAD, OAC,OJC,OGC,CGC
Montage Prince of Jazz (tervuren)MX,MXJ,NJP,NAP,AD,OAC,OJC,OGC
Thievin' Sockman Stan(golden retriever) MX,MXJ,AD,NAC,NJC
Landmark Under a Rock (tervuren)PT,AX, AXJ, CGC
Lock-Eye's Making the Grade (border collie)
AX and AXJ and Junior Dock Dogs

Lock Eye Breezin' Around Ewe (called Bree )
(Roxy x Lock-Eye Lazer daughter)

It took me over a year of researching various breeders before I decided to go with a puppy from Lock Eye Border Collies.

As a dog trainer I see so many Border Collies with health and behavioral issues caused by poor breeding. Lock Eye Border collies are absolutely fabulous! Michelle spends a lot of time socializing, training, and playing with these puppies from the time they are born. This extra care and attention shows in all her dogs. Combine this with a breeding program which takes great care to breed only sound dogs ( ie. free or hip or eye problems ) and you have the "perfect" Border Collie.

I became the proud parent of Lock Eye Breezin' Around Ewe ( called Bree ) on Thanksgiving weekend 2004. When I picked her up at almost 8 weeks she could Sit, Down, and Come off-leash, and she was potty-trained. She was quiet most of the 1 1/2 hr drive home ( except for when she had to go !! )

Compared to any other dog I've ever owned she has been the easiest to train. She has always been very sociable and is great with my other dogs and my daughters' two cats. She also came with an ON/OFF switch which I thought wasn't part of the standard options on a Border Collie. She is fast when she needs to be and she can stop and rest when it's time to be calm/quiet.

She already shows natural talent as a herding dog and an agility dog. I see AKC Nationals in her agility future. She learns so quickly it's almost human-like.

I think my dog is smarter than I am !! I swear she can read my mind !!

Thanks for a great dog ( looking forward to the next one )

Dave Strickland
Tulsa, OK

Lock-Eye Maximum Recoil, aka Bungee,FMX, *CGC
(Lock-Eye Spice x Hillcrest Mick)

Fast time: 3.769
FMX (Flyball Master Excellent= 10,000 points)
Racing since November 2004
Position: Closing the deal
His team took 6th place overall in World Cynosports Flyball Championship.

I would like to thank Michelle Weese with Lock-Eye Border Collies for giving me the exact dog that I asked for and my best friend. I looked at her site for awhile before I chose to call her and talk to her about a dog. I knew with my schedule, pup might be hard at the time because it would be alone for long periods. I asked if Michelle ever had any slightly older dogs, and that I didn't care about sex or color really, although I love Black and Whites and Black tris, but what was important was a dog with over the top drive but also had to be lovey enough to snuggle with me at night and be good around kids, becasue I have a 2 yr old niece that I am very close to.

Michelle gave all this and more when she gave me Bungee. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned and sleeps on my bed every night, cheers me up when I need it and can be a total goofball. He also plays soccer with my firends 3 yr old son and plays dolls with my 2 yr old niece. He even takes commands from her and follows her like she is his best bud.

Madison and Bungee

But besides all this I got him for the sport of flyball which I play and am hopelessly hooked on. He has the smarts, speed and drive to make him one of the best. He learned the game almost overnight and has become one of the fastests dogs on our team, He is consistant and a joy to handle.I also am going to try him in agility in fall, where I'm certain he will excel, with his intense focus and desire to please.

Bungee's nickname is "The Businessman!"

When I had only owned Bungee for 16 days, I took him along on a fun day with friends to get the Canine Good Citizen certificate on my older dog, Jenna.
At the endo of the day, she asked if I wanted to try Bungee and I said sure. He passed with flying colors! What a well adjusted and well-behaved little boy I had and he was only 8 months old! Thanks Michelle!

He is exactly what I asked her for and more. I love him more than words can say and will be coming back to Lock-Eye in the near future for another one of these special dogs!

Thank-you, Michelle for my new best friend!

Beth Chapman and Lock-Eye Maximum Recoil aka Bungee
Phoenix, AZ


Heatwave flyball

*Canine Good Citizen title

Click on link above to read about CGC


Lock-Eye Tyme's a Flyin' ADCH, TM-Bronze, GCH, MX, MXJ, JHD
(Lock-Eye Lazer x Lock-Eye Vip)

February, 2005

I am the proud owner of Lock-Eye Tyme's a Flyin, ADCH, TM-Bronze, GCH, MX, MXJ, JHD , who we call Ty.
His parents are Lazer and Vip and he was born May, 2003.
I had been doing agility for about 2 years with my Cocker Spaniels, Libby and Lex. The agility arena was my first introduction to Border
I started to become intrigued with their speed, focus and abilities. A friend, who I met through agility, started to bring her BC to my house to
train and I just fell in love with the dog.
I started to research different BC breeders. I talked to various people and had someone knowledgeable helping to guide my search.
I found Michelle's web-site and she landed on my list of breeders. I contacted Michelle and she immediately responded to all of my
questions and sent me out tons of information to help make my choice. I was somewhat hesitant at first about the deposit on an unknown
puppy. But I kept asking questions and every time I talked to Michelle I would become more confident this was what I wanted.
What finally sold me on a Lock-Eye, was the foundation training that Michelle puts into these puppies. They are well socialized, are
introduced to all kinds of new environments, noises and situations. I knew I was going to be using clicker training and Michelle's knowledge
and training in this area was a huge plus!
So I put myself in Michelle's hands, told her what I wanted and she helped me pick Ty. Again, I was somewhat hesitant about getting a puppy
sight unseen. But quite frankly, I am terrible about picking puppies based on looks and so decided it would be to my advantage to have
someone with years of experience helping me. Michelle sent video clips and pictures of the puppies, kept us up to date and helped guide our
decision. Even my skeptical husband was impressed.
Ty flew into Philadelphia and into our hearts and it's been full speed ahead ever since. He recently started trialing in agility and is just
awesome! He had been herding only a couple of times when he got his JHD title. I am convinced that no matter what arena we competed in,
this dog would be wonderful.
I am often asked where I got Ty from and am always proud to say he is a Lock-eye dog. I have recommended Michelle to many people, and
will most certainly get another puppy from her in the future.

Judy Kolva

Lock-Eye Tyme's a Flyin' ADCH, TM-Bronze, GCH, MX, MXJ, JHD
Fast & Furious Lexus Linn MX, MXJ, PI
Fast & Furious Libby Lou AXJ, AXP, PI

ADCH MACH Lockeye Flirt
(Lock-Eye Dinah x Rockin G's Colt)

Annie and Flirt

Updated reference from Jan, 2007

I purchased my first Border Collie from Michelle Weese of Lockeye Border Collies.
The experience has been positive in every way. Michelle has always been available to answer questions and when I was lucky enough to
visit her home, took an entire weekend out of her busy schedule to show us around the beautiful area where she lives.
I was very impressed with how the puppies are raised.
My dog, Flirt, has been so much fun to train and is very smart. She loves to work but is quiet in the house.
She never met a person she didn't like and tries to get every child she meets to pet and interact with her.
At age 4 she has her USDAA ADCH and her AKC MACH.We are really going to focus on obedience this year and are taking herding lessons.
Flirt is very athletic and I look forward to many more years together, training, swimming, playing and just hanging out.
Thanks Michelle for this awesome dog.
Annie Yang

First Reference

I purchased a Border Collie 3 years ago form Michelle Weese. The experience has been very positive in every way, from our first phone
call to our continued friendship. Flirt is everything I wanted in a dog and I was nervous as this was my first Border Collie and well, people
told me you know how crazy those dogs are!
Flirt is doing agility, has 3 MX legs, her AAD in USDAA, is just starting obedience and after one class knows all the novice exercises and is
almost through the open exercises. She will be learning utility in another month or so.
Michelle has always been available to answer questions, and when I was lucky enough to get to her place for visit, she spent an entire
weekend showing us her dogs and around the beautiful area she lives. I was impressed with how the puppies were being brought up and will get another from her when I'm ready.
Flirt came to us crate trained and knew sit and down. She loves people, especially children. It amazes me every day how smart she is, I swear
you can talk to her and she understands!
She is OFA good and is very athletic.
Thanks Michelle!!!
Annie Yang

Flirt, Axel, Tori, Magic, Flash, and Jade the Pug (in front)


Lock-Eye Tyri the Tenacious - FDCH-S
Ivy x Lazer 2004

Our names are Rich and Chris Sells and we are owned and loved by Two Lock-Eye Border Collies along with one other Border Collie and a trio of shelties.

The above pictures are of LE Tyri, who came to us in December 2004 as my Birthday present from my husband. I had been speaking with Michelle for about 3 months about getting a red/white male Border Collie. We already had a female Border Collie and we loved the breed and had become addicted to the sport of flyball.

Talking to Michelle, was like talking to an old friend. Michelle loves this breed as much as we do. We spoke about what we were looking for in another dog, the differences in females and males, what kind of household we had (busy). Michelle asked all of the questions, we would expect a great breeder to ask.

Tyri came out of his crate rearing to go. I was amazed that this 9 week old puppy already knew his basic commands, performed them perfectly and that he tugged like mad. Michelle puts a lot of time and love into these wonderful puppies. I have recommended her breeding program to anyone that asks about getting a Border Collie!!

Tyri's litter nickname was "Rounder."

Tyri is currently playing flyball and has his 4th title, Flyball Dog Champion Silver in his first 3 tournaments. We didn't name him Tenacious for nothing, he is focused and ready at all times to play. He loves to wake up in the morning, give a quick kiss hello and go back and lay down, like he didn't wake you up at all. As testament to Michelle's knowledge and smarts, she placed the perfect dog in the perfect home and we couldn't be happy.

Lock-Eye Scorching Charli Bear
Flame x Solar 2006

This lovely lady came into our lives in March 2006, totally unexpected. Rich and I were not currently looking to add another dog to our household, but fate again would intervene in our lives.

I had emailed Michelle to find out where all of Flame's puppies where going. Michelle emailed me back that all of the puppies had homes, except for, Charli Bear (aka Scorcher). Michelle was very up front with us and told us that she was a shy puppy and had an overbite. (Breeder's note: We rarely have a shy puppy, but when we do, we take extra time to work the pup through it and of course are honest with family interested in that pup. Overbites are rare as well and her sire, Solar was neutered. Charli Bear was a gift to Rich and Chris.)

Michelle, as her custom, started sending us pictures and video's of this little girl. Michelle took extra time and gave Charli Bear a great foundation of training in basic obedience. Charli Bear came to us two weeks later, not a shy puppy, but a confident puppy that looked out at this big wide world and made it hers!!! There was a 3 hour flight delay and she came out of her crate, ready to play with everyone.

Charli Bear is a true cuddle bug and loves nothing better to jump up in your arms and get a belly rub. She has just started flyball classes and is going to be a speed demon.

Michelle, we couldn't be happier with both of these wonderful dogs and thank you for giving them the foundation to be the perfect fit for our household.
Chris Sells

The puppy below is Ony. She lives in Alaska and is in training for a SAR dog and also does Agility. She had no fear of the A-Frame here! Her mother is Roxy and her sire is Lock-Eye Ed. (Ed is a Cash son,out of a Kit x Syd daughter named Zip.)

Agility puppy

This is Ony almost "grown up." / Ony and Lorraine.
Ony is also in training for a Search and Rescue dog.





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