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Lock-Eye Layel, MX MXJ
(Lock-Eye Dinah, Rockin' G's Colt.)

Noreen, Sli and Layel


Layel's first time on the sheep!


March, 2005


I can hardly believe 3 years has gone by so fast. I want to update you on all that Layel has accomplished during this time. She is all that I said before and then some.
We have competed primarily in AKC trials just because there are so many close by, but she is also accomplishing great things in USDAA , for the few trials she has done.

She and brother Reno won their pairs relay class in Freyberg, ME. last summer, which was very cool to see, like seeing double!
Again, that trial, Layel, brother Reno and another dog combined for the DAM team and came in 9th (Q) out of 43 teams, she has Q's in all of the games as well.

I am quite sure if Layel had a better handler, she would be close to her MACH by now, at a ripe old age of 2 ½. As it stands, she has 650 of the 750 MACH points and 4 double Q's.
These numbers were good enough to qualify her for the 2005 AKC agility Nationals in Tampa, which we did attend. Again, if Layel had a better handler her times would have been consistently in the top 12 or so, but alas, she is stuck with me, who is the one making the errors. Saturday's jumpers course she was less than a half a second behind Terry and Remy, for what would have been 5th out of 182, 20" dogs! I helped her miss her weave pole entrance, Ouch..

Regardless of the placements, she ran her little heart and soul off. As, you can imagine the Tampa convention center was a, "3 ring circus", with agility, obedience and breed finals going on under the same roof. On Saturday alone, there were 22,000 spectator tickets sold! Layel acted like a seasoned competitor as did both her brothers, Jag and Reno. That is quite a tribute to you Michelle.

She was also doing great herding, gathering naturally out in the big field, learning to drive, when a ewe plowed into me and trashed my knee and ending the "sheepies" for awhile.

Up here in the north east we are very fortunate to have many training opportunities, most of which I take advantage of. Layel is consistently recognized as a brilliant thinker who will do anything for me, without question, in a heartbeat and do it well.

If, I were not already at my limit here as to the number of dogs I can have, I would be sending you a deposit and saying, "pick my next puppy Michelle"

Needless to say, I love Layel and everything about her, she is my little buddy.

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts



Layel screaming 'round the Agility course!


1st reference from Noreen:

September, 2002

I had the recent pleasure of purchasing Lock-Eye Layel (DinahXColt) from Michelle Weese after having researched BC breeders for over a year. Layel is my second BC, the first I bought in Ireland and I have a lab, all agility dogs.

From the very beginning I have been impressed with all Michelle does. She was recommended to me by Karen Moureaux from Contact Point Agility in California. I had contacted Karen specifically looking for a tri bitch from herding lines. Karen had just left Michelle's home and was there with her daughter Katie when Dinah whelped. She had nothing but good things to say about Dinah, her puppies, Michelle's dogs and of course Michelle herself. And she was right.

I remember trying to wait for a reasonable hour to call Michelle, as we are 2hrs. ahead and it was Saturday morning. I had been staring at the new born puppy photos since 5.30 am with such anticipation. I finally got up the courage to call her around 11.00 and left a message, never expecting a return call. Much to my delight 15 minutes later she called and has never stopped!

Michelle takes great pride in her dogs, her training, her achievements and of course her family.

She turns her home and kennels into a welcome mat for all us puppy buyers; she's even been known to drive to the airport to pick folks up! She invites people to stay, sleep on the couch, train, visit with puppies, eat beef stew with home made bread, for heavens sake! Her accessibility is wonderful and only surpassed by her knowledge. I still want to hear all she has to say. Even if I can hardly understand a word she's saying with that draaaaawl........... LOL! Her web site is awesome and puppy photo/video updates make you feel like you get to know your puppy a little, before they ever arrive. This was especially true, knowing I would not fly to OK. You can see the parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins etc. to really get a much better idea what your getting.

Layel came to me crate trained, clicker started, socialized, loved, leash trained, litter box trained, handled. She knew, come, sit, wave, down, at 7 1/2 weeks! She is continuing to learn at this amazing pace. At 4 1/2 months she has learned more than the average dog would learn in a life time. I am a clicker trainer 100%. It was so exciting to know Michelle was imprinting such wonderful things into these puppies long before the plane ride to Massachusetts. It's a jump start to a better co-existence between puppy and new owner and we the handler have such an edge.

As for "livability", Layel is easy, on/off. She has no bad habits, her disposition is wonderful, she is extremely smart and has uncanny instincts, and focus beyond her months. She also has a mind of her own, is very independent, very brave, selective who she kisses and physically tough as nails and for some strange reason a little bold. : ) I nick named her Godzilla girl.

There have been quite a few Lock-Eye puppies purchased up here lately, to compete in agility. We keep in touch and will surely be seeing, if not competing against each other in the not to distant future. How exciting for Michelle! I would trust her in every way.

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts




Lock Eye Bold as Brass, call name Raef

(Lock-Eye River x Risin' Sun over Lock-Eye, aka "Solar".

January, 2007

Well, here I go again, singing the praises of yet another wonderful Lock Eye dog, I can't believe how lucky I am!
With LE Layel pretty much retired due to injury I was in need of another competition dog and turned to Michelle in the hopes I could have anywhere near the fun and good fortune I had training Layel. Lock Eye Bold as Brass, call name Raef is all of that and then some and he is bold as brass. Raef is out of LE River X Risin' Sun Over Lock-Eye, aka, "Solar" and is somewhat related to Layel on Rivers side. (Layel's mother, Dinah is a littermate to River's sire, Bronze.)

It has been almost a year since Raef arrived here from Oklahoma and I have nothing but good things to say about him. He is pretty high drive and bursting with energy, always eager to work doing anything! He has never said no..he always says, more? I love his temperament and can go anywhere and do anything with him and he is cool with everything. He is such a good boy, gets along with everyone and is still intact.

Training him is the best and I have documented it all in video and pics. It is so much fun to see him, "get it" what ever, "it" is. He has light bulb moments and I can actually see him thinking and acting on those thoughts.

Michelle asked me what my puppy wish list was and I believe it went something like this.

1. "A thinker", a dog who will think before react. (Michelle called him "The "Taxman," because he could do your taxes.)
2. Structure and balance
3. Drive 9-10
4. temperament
5. size,color,coat didn't matter

I got it all and pretty much in that order too. I am really looking forward to competing him some time this year when I feel he is ready. I know I am going to have a lot of fun and laugh allot too!

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts



Also know as "The Blond Bombshell!"

Debbie Willoughby's Lock-Eye Border Collies

Hi, my name is Debbie Willoughby, and I have the pleasure of owning 5 Lock-Eye Dogs. They are awesome dogs to work, they have great structure and great attitudes. I am very proud to own and train dogs that I know are healthly and have the instinct to do what they were bred to do.

DC Lockeye Lachlan CDX RE HSAs HSBs HIAs HIBs HIBd HXAs HX And he is also officially the number 2 AKC herding dog in the Nation for 2006!!
(Lock-Eye Pearl x Lock-Eye Walker) he is my main stud dog at this point he is such a dream to work, and so natural no matter what we do together he gives his all. Lachlan has walked out of the Conformation ring and off the herding field with many blue ribbons and has been High In Trial and Reseve High In Trial. He will be 5 in May of 2005 and we are far from done, I look forward to the rest of his career and the fun we will have.

Lock-Eye Pearl x Lock-Eye Walker

CH Lock-Eye Lady Ness PT RA (Lock-Eye Penny x Lock-Eye Bronze) Nessie is my heart dog I have been in love with this girl from the first day I saw her at 4 days old. Nessie will soon start trialing in herding and agility. She is so natural on stock, has perfect balance. Nessie just turned 4 in Dec of 2004 and we are having a lot of fun together she is always willing and eager to work.

CH Lock-Eye Lady Ness PT ---Lock-Eye Penny x Lock-Eye Bronze

CH Lock-Eye Perfect Cut (aka Dia) (Lock-Eye Laser x FA Sheena) Dia is the sweetest dog you could ever want to meet she is very natural herding and loves to work, play whatever you want to do including just hanging out in your lap. Dia will be 3 years in May 2005.

------CH Lock-Eye Perfect Cut (aka Dia)---- Lock-Eye Laser x FA Sheena

CH Lock-Eye Bedazzled CD RA HSAs (aka Jewel) (Rockin G Colt x Lock-Eye Dazzel) Jewel was 4 years old in Dec 2006. I co-own Jewel with my sister Bev. Jewel loves to herd and is very good in obedience and is entered in her first obedience trial next month. Jewel is a very loving dog and a joy to work with.

CH Lock-Eye Bedazzled (aka Jewel) ---Rockin G Colt x Lock-Eye Dazzel

Lock-Eye Out Of This World (aka Orbit) (Lock-Eye Lazer x Lock-Eye Ivy) is 16 months old and we are working him in herding and he is very natural, has great balance and fun to work with. He is so happy go lucky and my clown. He will start showing this year and I am really looking forward to this show season with him. He has never met a stranger, loves people, kids etc.

--Lock-Eye Out Of This World (aka Orbit)
Lock-Eye Lazer x Lock-Eye Ivy

Debbie Willoughby


Uherdit Border Collies



The Versatile Border Collie

Rhea is a certified Historical Human Remains Detection dog.

I don't know who came up with this phrase but it is very true. Because I work Border Collies in a field that is not usually thought of as a BC working field, I am very aware of the versatile aspects of the BC. When a few of us started working BC's in Search and Rescue, as well as Recovery and Disaster work, people thought we were crazy. They said "You can't make a herding dog do work it has not been breed to do. It just won't work". Well they are not laughing now. The BC has taken over the SAR community and is one of the leading dogs in the SAR field.

When I was ready to pick my new puppy for Historical Human Remains Detection, I was very clear on what I wanted. I have been doing this work for almost 20 years and I want the best. The qualities I need are: a focused, methodical and devoted partner with lots of drive.
When I found Michelle's web page I was very impressed, but I really wanted to meet her dogs. I also wanted Michelle to see how I work with my dog and what the work entails so she could help me choose the best puppy since being in California I knew I would not be able to be with the puppies as they grew.

Having a social dog is very important to me as I travel and work all over the country with my dog so my working dog, Riley, and I went and spent three days with Michelle. I brought Riley into Michelle's house so she could meet the gang. All of Michelle's dogs are very accepting and unconcerned with visiting dogs. I think that they clearly understand, visitors come and go and are nothing to be concerned about.

I have spent many years as an instructor for SAR dogs and have certified 5 of my own dogs and assisted countless of other handlers in the process. I guess you could say I am an expert in the field. Michelle wanted to understand the process of teaching Search and Rescue dogs so she could better understand what qualities were needed for people looking for that kind of dog, so we decided to use Wyn as our student.

One of the first things we did was teach Wyn the basics of searching for a lost person. In 2 days Wyn was making incredible progress, she was very motivated to "find" the lost person. If Michelle wanted to go through the whole process Wyn would have made a great SAR dog.
But what it showed me was that Wyn was a very serious worker, she had the drive, confidence and ability to do what ever she was taught. A search dog must work closely with many people unknown to them, and be able to work with other dogs in their search area. I thought if all Michelle's dogs had the same temperament and abilities as Wyn, then I knew I had come to the right place.
I am proud to tell you that I have Lock-Eye Rhea (Lock-Eye Ivy & Lock-Eye Lazer) who was born September 2003. She is very closely related to Wyn.

On December 2004, Rhea passed her Historical Human Remains Detection certification, one of only 4 dogs in California and one of about 12 in the world. She is working on her advanced certification at this time, as well as working on several historical projects.
I can't thank Michelle enough for taking the time to making sure I found the dog I was looking for, and all her training and imprinting before I got her. I am already dreaming about the next Lock-Eye puppy.

Adela Morris

You can read more about Historical Human Remains Detection and Rhea on my web page.




Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno

***Reno was the #1 Border Collie in AKC Excellent A and # 2 of all dogs in 2003!***
Way to go Karen and Reno! Great job!!

Michelle , What a year 2004 was, Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno started out the year in AKC Excellent A Standard and Jumpers W/Weaves, and quickly moved to Excellent B where he finished his MX and MXJ. In the process Reno earned 7 of the 20 Double Qualifications needed for his MACH. In addition Reno also Qualified for the AKC/Eukauba Agility Championships in Tampa,Florida.
When we went to the AKC Nationals in Tampa. Reno did so well, I am so proud of him. The Event was over whelming the number of dogs, competitors and spectators were in the tens of thousands and Reno handled everything like a pro and took it all in stride! We placed 26th out of 133 dogs in the 24" height division, and Reno is only 2 1/2 years old! We also compete in USDAA and Reno has his Agility Dog Title 'AD'. We plan on doing more USDAA this year, we are working in the Advanced level towards our AAD. Reno did compete in and Qualify in a DAM Team tournament in Fryberg ME with his sister Layel and the team placed 9th. Reno also earned a Qualifying score and 5th place in a Local USDAA Steeple chase qualifier.
Reno is an inspiration to me, no matter what we do he gives it his all. reno loves Agility, herding, hiking, swimming, and sunday napping with mom!

Karen Gorman



Reno smokin' up the Agility course!

Reno herding sheep

Kunabug, Mesa and Reno!

MACH ADCH Richfields A Kuna Mantada
Mesa MAD
Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno MX MXJ

MAD= USDAA Master Agility Dog
ADCH= USDAA Agility Dog Champion
MACH= Master Agility Dog Champion
MX= Master Agility Excellent

First reference from Karen:

Recently I have purchased a Border Collie Puppy from Michelle Weese. My experience was extremely pleasant, Michelle has been very easy to talk to via e-mail or telephone. Michelle sent updated pictures and videos weekly. This was my first Border Collie and Michelle wanted me to be comfortable with her and with my decision of purchasing one of her Lock-eye Border Collies. Not being able to physically see and be there with the puppies was new for me but Michelle made it very easy and made me extremely comfortable. Once I received the puppy, Michelle still remains easy to reach with any questions or problems. I have never met such a well socialized 7 week old puppy! My puppy is super sweet , confidant and extremely well adjusted. I am very happy with my puppy and my experience with Michelle. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a Border Collie.

Karen Gorman
Lock-eye Rodeo Reno


Mary Rimmer's Reference section

Lock-Eye Heartstrings, Zing!
Lock-Eye Sonic Diffusion, "Kaboom!"

Well, this letter is a long time coming! I’ve been corresponding with Michelle about Border collies for over 5 years now. I met her on a chat group after my first Border collie, Abbey, came into my life. I had researched Border collies before getting Abbey, but a Border collie “support group” seemed like a nice idea -- especially when handling all of the quirks of this wonderful breed.

Michelle was always very helpful and positive and I quickly regarded her as the “expert” in the group. She was always sharing photos of her dogs and puppies and articles she had written on training Border collies for stock work. Her breeding program was very impressive, as was the amount of time she devoted to the training of the puppies before sending them to their new homes. I made a mental note to be sure to get my next Border collie (of course I would have another!) from Michelle when I was ready.

After several months, Michelle acquired Smooch -- a beautiful chocolate Border collie who I immediately admired. Since Michelle was not going to part with Smooch, I was determined to talk my husband into letting me have a puppy out of her. After watching two wonderful litters go to their new homes, it was finally my turn to get on the puppy list --which I did almost a year before my “dream puppy” would be conceived! It seemed like a lifetime before my little red/white girl and her five sisters were born. I was lucky enough to have first pick out of this litter and although I had fallen in love with Zing! (Smooch x Lazer) at first sight, I tried to hold out for temperament and personality to be the deciding factor -- fortunately Zing! more than filled the bill.

In March of 2003, we made the trip to the airport to pick up Zing! and she came out of her crate raring to go. You would never have guessed that she had spent almost all day at an airport and then traveled several hours in the cargo hold of an airplane. She was alert, friendly, and inquisitive. She gave all of us kisses and walked beautifully on lead out into the parking lot of airport -- no fear at all! When we got home, there was no mistaking that she had arrived! She checked everything out and was into everything and anything she could find, but responded in an instant to “puppy come!!” -- in my best imitation of Michelle ;-)

When she met our three other girls, she did not miss a beat and easily kept up or even bested them in fetching races and tugging sessions. She quickly showed her herding instincts in stalking and herding the other dogs and her balls in the yard. Zing! also has an affinity for hula hoops like her sire and is completely goofy during her “down time”. Potty training was a breeze as she had already been trained to use a potty box. She also knew sit, come, down, and wave when she arrived here at 8 wks and, in case I haven’t already mentioned it, she could tug like a pit bull!

I have been training and working with Zing! in agility, obedience, and herding. She is doing very well in all three. I am hoping to have the time to trial with her at least once a month this spring into the summer -- with two kids active in sports and other activities, it’s not easy to fit in trials especially when some travel time is involved! Zing! saw her first sheep at 9 months old and turned on instantly. She could not wait to get into the round pen and have her turn and after getting the zoomies out, she settled in and worked. We try to get out and do some herding at least every month or so in winter and bi-weekly in summer. Zing! loves it and is progressing nicely in spite of sporadic lessons and her biggest handicap, me!

Zing! is about as people friendly as they come and often will “talk” to new people that approach us who fail to acknowledge her presence. She earned her CGC and TDI certificates with flying colors and was pronounced “born to be a therapy dog” by her evaluator. She loves water and has leapt into our pool since she was a young pup. She is a fast learner and is up for anything! Michelle’s clicker training of the pups starting at 5wks. really made a big difference in how quickly she could master a new behavior. Zing! is eager to please and her being clicker savvy really helps with our communication during training sessions. I really don’t think there is anything this girl can’t do!

I felt that I had already gotten to know Zing! a little bit through the many, many video clips and photos the Michelle sent throughout the 8 long weeks of waiting! Michelle was and remains wonderfully accessible. She is always willing to answer questions and offer advice. I consider her to be more of a friend than just my puppy’s breeder. You cannot go wrong with a Lock-Eye puppy!

Mary Rimmer


Lock-Eye Sonic Diffusion, "Kaboom!"

On January 21, 2005, I was checking out the latest puppy pics on Michelle’s website. I knew that the Dinah x Fuse litter had been born a few days before and Michelle was late putting up puppy pics -- with a litter of ten, I wonder why ;-) I fell in love with the little tri boy -- he was only 4 days old! I emailed Michelle and told her that I had the same feeling about this little guy that I did when I saw Zing! for the first time. Well, she didn’t help matters when she answered “hee, hee HE could be yours!” I was hooked and finally convinced my husband that we could handle four Border collies (plus an almost 15 year old miniature dachshund and a cat about the same age as the doxie....not to mention my son’s rat :-) Fortunately my birthday wasn’t far off and Boom (if he were fated to be mine as I was the last name on the puppy deposit list!) would be my 39th birthday present -- yikes!

I held my breath for almost 6 weeks and the email finally came telling me that Boom was mine to choose :-)) The whole time I was waiting, Michelle sent video clips, pics etc. and answered my many questions about personality and temperament as I wanted to be sure Boom would be a good “fit” with our girls. With an already over-the-top, high drive Lock-Eye girl, I was hoping that Boom would fall into the med-high drive range -- he seems to be obliging :-)) The many pics I already have of this little guy are absolutely adorable and everything about him tells me that he is going to fit in here just fine.

I have plans to train him in obedience, agility and herding. Since I will not be able to make it out to OK to pick him up as I had hoped, I will be driving him out as soon as school get out mid-June for him to have his first taste of sheep at Michelle’s place ;-)

I am sure that Michelle will keep me well informed as his training continues. I am looking forward to the day he leaps from his crate fresh from his plane ride right into our arms and showers us with kisses like Zing! did two years ago.

Thanks Michelle for another awesome puppy -- I’m sure Boom will be everything we hoped and more!

Mary Rimmer

Tracy Heinlein's Reference

FA Lite My Fuse, NAJ (aka "Blast")
I first talked to Michelle in the summer of 2002 about what I wanted in my next dog. I wanted one with allot of drive(for agility and herding), a wonderful temperament and good health as my last two Border Collies (Not Lock-Eye's.) were diagnosed with HD. She kept me updated on the litter I had decided to go with and sent me 20 videos of the puppies when it was time to pick! I wanted a red/white, but when I saw this black/white puppy in the videos strutting her stuff I knew she was the one. I drove out to Oklahoma to pick up FA Lite My Fuse aka "Blast" in October of 2002 and she has been all I asked for and more. She is Sired by Lock-Eye Lazer and her dam is FA Little Doll who is owned by Faye Amos. Michelle had pick of the litter for the stud fee, and she asked if I wanted to pick and I am so glad I did. On the drive home Blast was very good riding in a crate and walked on the leash perfectly when we did potty/play stops. She was already clicker trained so all I had to do was keep up the training! Blast is doing great at herding and agility, she definitely lives up to her name! She has had one litter to date with Lock-Eye Key as the Sire and all the pups are doing great in their new homes.

Lock-Eye Vip
By 2003 the herding bug had gotten to me! I picked Vip up in September of 2003 so she could help teach me all about herding. I had started my one dog,Split, but I felt I was messing up his training because I was so green. I figured if I had a dog that was trained I could concentrate more on my training and not worry about messing the dog up. Vip has done her job and more!! When I picked her up I stayed for a week so Michelle could help me work with Vip. I learned allot from Michelle and Vip in those training sessions. Vip has been the best herding trainer and she does not yell at me, although every now and then I get that "What are you thinking" look!! But she always forgives me especially after a nice belly rub:-) She has been a joy to have and I thank Michelle all the time for trusting me with such a wonderful girl.

Lock-Eye Deep Freeze aka "Ice"
I knew when I first saw Ice's puppy picture she had to come live with me. She is out of Roxie and sired by Lock-Eye Bronze. I told Michelle if nobody else on
the deposit list picked Ice that I would take her. When I was out picking up Vip I was able to play with Ice who was about 4 weeks old at the time. She was such a sweet puppy and I fell even more in love with her. In October of 2003 Ice flew home to Maryland to live with me. My husband picked her up at the airport and he said she came out of the crate giving kisses. He put her in the crate for the ride home and she was perfect the whole way home. She came clicker trained for sit,down and come and was crate and leash trained. She is one of the nicest pups and just loves everybody and all the other dogs that she meets. Ice is in training for herding and does agility training with my daughter Krystal.

Lock-Eye Carmen San Diego aka "Carmen"
Carmen was born in April of 2004 and she is out of Lock-Eye Hope and Lock-Eye Fuse. I had my mind set on my red/white puppy this time!! Well Hope had me sweating as when it came time for puppies to be born they were coming out as all boys!! Hope had 7 boys and I thought she was done but she did not let me down as the last puppy was a red/white female:-) Since I had moved to Oklahoma by the time Carmen was about 4-5 weeks old I was able to help clicker train the litter. Seeing the training first hand that Michelle does with the puppies was mind blowing!! Now I saw first hand how much she enjoyed and loved training every single puppy.
Since I have moved to Oklahoma, Michelle has been a great friend to me. She helped set up my website for my kennel http://blastoffbc.com and has supported me from the very start. With Michelle you will get a person who really cares about her dogs,puppies and their new owners. If you have any questions all you have to do is call her. She honestly cares about the puppies thru-out their whole life.

When I moved to Oklahoma I had the pleasure of working for Michelle for 6 months. I helped with the training of the puppies,taking care of the kennels and I also got to help train some dogs on sheep!! I was able to see first hand how much time Michelle puts into each puppy so it will be well started on its training for the new owner. I can truly say that Michelle loves each and every puppy and makes sure that they go to a home that is suited to that particular puppy. While working there I fell in love with alot of her dogs but the ones that stand out for me are: Fuse, Kate, Dixie, Key, Sheena, Style and Rimmer. All of her dogs are well behaved and even with me at first being a total stranger obey me and gave me lots of kisses!
Michelle puts alot into what she does as she really enjoys working and training all animals. She is a firm believer in clicker training as it is a possitive method of training. This to me as a buyer was a plus because that is how I train my dogs. Your new puppy comes to you already well started in basic obedience not to mention crate and leash trained. If you have any questions on how to train something Michelle is always there to try to help you. Even after the puppy is in your home she still cares for that puppy and loves to help in any way possible.

Tracy Heinlein


Brenda Sullivan's Lock-Eye Brush with Destiny, aka Chet
Type II FEMA Certified!


Lock-Eye Brush with Destiny (call name is Chet) is my dream SAR dog. He has a super temperament, and fantastic work ethic.
Chet is one of the most biddable, eager to work for you, dogs that I have ever had the chance to work with in my 7+ years of wilderness and disaster SAR. He learns everything very quickly, and then willingly performs those behaviors flawlessly.

Chet passed his FEMA Basic pre-certification test when he was just 21 months old, and almost passed the certification test at 2 years of age. (He made it to the rubble part of the test both days, but due to handler error only found one of the two victims before timing out.)
The FEMA evaluators, as well as several spectators with many years of FEMA dog training experience, expressed to my FEMA Training Director, and to me how impressed they were with him and his ability at such a young age. They all commented on his wonderful work ethic, and overall search skills. The one comment that was consistent with all of them was how good he was and how awesome he will be with a little more maturity and experience, that he was definitely a FEMA Advanced level dog.
Chet has also passed his wilderness pre-certification test, which consisted of locating one victim, in over 40 acres of woods, and without using the wind. There was a 2 hour time limit, and Chet located the victim in 1 hour, 15 minutes, which was faster than the other dogs that had several years of experience, and had been previously wilderness certified.

If you are looking for a dynamite SAR dog that has the following:
" Fantastic work ethic
" Is easily trained
" Has a well-rounded temperament
" High in Search/Hunt/Prey drives
" Very agile
" No health issues
" LOVES people
" LOVES to play
then I can HIGHLY recommend a Lock-Eye dog. They are definitely among the best.
When you combine the great breeding of Lock-Eye dogs, with Michelle's innate ability to find that "perfect" fitting pup, and all of the time and care that she gives to the pups from the moment that they are born, you can't miss.
Not many breeders send their puppies home that are:
" Crate trained
" Are fluent in Sit, Down, and Recall
" Have been exposed to weird noises, in addition to normal home noises
" Have been exposed to many "SAR" like environments
" Imprinted on HRD (if requested)
" Taught to learn from a very young age
" Exposed to many SAR-types of agility equipment
I don't personally recommend breeders to SAR handlers, but Michelle is the exception. She is the ONLY breeder that I HIGHLY recommend to any SAR handler looking for that awesome SAR dog.

Brenda Sullivan, EMT-B

FEMA - Indiana Task Force 1
Indiana Task Force 1 - Canine Urban Response Team
Midwest Search Dogs, Inc.

Lock-Eye Puttin on the Blitz (Call name Blitz)

My name is Pam Beck. My family (husband and daughters 9 and 12) and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We got our first Border Collie from Michelle Weese and Lock-Eye Border Collies in June of 2002 when the puppy was 7 weeks old. She’s out of the Dinah x Colt breeding. We named our little girl “Lock-Eye Puttin on the Blitz” call name Blitz. I researched Border Collies and breeders for two years before finding and committing to Lock-Eye Border Collies. Michelle is truly the most responsible breeder I’ve ever run across. She is committed to the breed’s health and well-being – and strives for perfection. My family and I have visited her beautiful place several times. She has a very clean, well-organized set up. Her dogs all love her and are obviously cared for and treated well. Blitz has been a dream puppy for us from day one. We were fortunate enough to have the “pick of the litter” as they say. Michelle guided us through the picking process and I totally trusted her judgment. Michelle knows her dogs and does an excellent job of matching the puppies with the right family/situation. Michelle also does a fantastic job of socializing the puppies before they leave her. Blitz came to us (at 7 weeks old, mind you) crate trained, wearing a collar, leash trained, and already knew “sit” “down” and “here.” Michelle started her on clicker training at 4 weeks. She excelled in her puppy kindergarten class, and we will continue with obedience training and agility training. Blitz is a beautiful dog inside and out. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! We will definitely be return customers! (my older daughter wants a red and white BC to train and work in agility with!) If you would like to call me to speak personally, please feel free to do so. Michelle can give you my phone number.
Email address: beckfam@oklahoma.net



This reference is on behalf of Michelle Weese. I have known Michelle since 1991. I have always been impressed with her extraordinary ability with animals. My husband and I watched her develop a stock dog training business that has turned into an international enterprise. We own a Border Collie that was raised and trained by Michelle. Maggie is a valuable worker as well as a cherished companion. Michelle does a marvelous job of socializing the dogs and evaluating them for potential as working dogs. The dog’s socialization with people allows them to view their owner as the "alpha dog" and makes it easier for them to develop respect and allegiance to their prospective owner. People from all over the United States seek out her expertise as well as her dogs. Recently I met a man from England that came over specifically to visit with Michelle and learn some of her techniques. His interest was peaked by several of her articles that she has written in the Ranch Dog Trainer. You will not be disappointed if you choose a dog from Michelle. She will support you with any question or problems and make sure that the dog suits your working needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail: Dianne_Hellwig@berea.edu

Dianne Hellwig, D.V.M., Ph.D



Dave Tucker and Lock-Eye GraceDave training Grace on cattle
Dave "training" Grace on Cattle

In Oct.2000 I bought a puppy from Michelle. Her name was Grace and we went ahead and kept it. Her parents were Lock-Eye Cash and Ann. Grace was in perfect condition, healthy and full of energy. I think the daily social contact in the environment that she had been raised in really helps when you get the puppy home. During our visit at Lockeye Border Collies I found Michelle very knowledgeable with the dogs, puppies and the training necessary to produce that special companion, ranch hand or trial competitor most owners are looking for. Michelle was very helpful in answering my questions and demonstrating how to properly approach many training situations. Michelle has a gentle approach to start light positive training on puppies and the puppies is having fun, not noticing that their getting started to the world in command, correct action and reward. If your a beginner or a Veteran, I would recommend that you check out Michelle's puppies at Lockeye Border Collies.

Very pleased with the pup,
Dave Tucker, Ellington, Mo
E-mail dtucker@mcmo.net


In October, 2000 I bought a five month old male puppy from Michelle named Zimmer (Lock-Eye Vip x Lock-Eye Bronze). I have had Zimmer in his new home for about a month now. Zimmer is without a doubt one of the best behaved, and most obedient pups I have had the pleasure of being around. I have trained hunting dogs most of my 35 years and I can honestly say this pup is exceptional in his manners. He seemed well socialized and not afraid of new situations. He reacts and responds to my two small children very well. Michelle was honest and very helpful with me throughout this purchase. At this point, I could not be happier with the purchase I made from Michelle Weese and Lockeye Kennels.

Kevin Bradbeary


Michelle, Just wanted to let you know that the dog I purchased from you three months ago is working out great! I am very pleased with his social skills-he gets along with everyone, people and dogs alike! He minds me well and I even had a neighbor here watching me work sheep this week and he asked if I thought Chigger would work for him, I said give it a try. Chigger worked beautifully for him, a stranger, also. Thanks for selling me a great dog!

Kind Regards
Marie Iiams, Missouri

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