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Lock-Eye Razzle

Frisbee® competition video clip!
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In her debut performance, Lock-Eye Razzle & Pam Crawford won 1st place in the Open Division at the 2003 Georgia State Frisbee® Dog Championships. She dazzled the crowd with a 90 second freestyle routine to the Beatles Tune "Can't Buy Me Love" with only one miss during the entire routine. Razzle had a great toss and fetch round (90 seconds - top 5 distance throws) that helped earned the first place finish. Razzle earned a 4 1/2 foot trophy and gold medal. This year the Georgia State Frisbee Championships featured 195 teams from 10 states. There were 21 competitors in the Open Division and this was Razzle's first freestyle routine!

Lock-Eye Razzle also won first place in the Super-Pro Toss & Fetch Division with Melissa Heeter, the 1997 World Frisbee Dog Champion. The Super-Pro Toss & Fetch event requires advanced toss & fetch skills requiring the unlimited catches & retrieves at a distance of more than 45 yards in 90 seconds. This was Razzle's debut performance in this division as well. (Photo Attached)

Other Notable Performances:

At 10 months old, Lock-Eye Razzle placed 2nd in the 2003 Dixie Disc Dog Championships Pro Toss & Fetch Division beating out 24 other competitors (all adult dogs!)

At 11 months old, Lock-Eye Razzle placed 3rd at the 2003 Disc Dog Southern Nationals beating out 92 other teams (again, all adult dogs!)

Lock-Eye Razzle is a Vip x Lazer daughter.


11 Month Old Lock-Eye Razzle Wows Everyone at the 2003 Disc Dog Southern Nationals!

The 2003 Disc Dog Southern Nationals was held during the weekend of April 12-13th as part of the annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival (http://www.dogwood.org/caninecompetition.html). This was the 13th annual competition and is known as largest disc dog event in the country with over 195 teams. At age 11 months this was her 4th competition!

Razzle competed in the Pro Toss & Fetch division against approximately 90+ teams. Each team completes one round of toss fetch with the top ten scores moving to round two. Winners in this event typically must have at least one perfect score of 22.5 points which requires five catches in mid-air greater than 40-yards.

Since dogs are allowed to compete with more than one handler, so we entered Razzle twice in the event. She competed with John and missed advancing to round 2 by ½ point! I haven’t perfected the 40-yard throws yet, so Razzle competed again with our friend Steve Heeter - a former world finalist (more than once) and an experienced disc dog competitor. Razzle knows Steve, but had NEVER worked with him prior to going out to compete! They made the top ten cut - they were in 3rd place after round one. The video clip shows Razzle with Steve during the first minute of competition. Razzle & Steve advanced to Round 2 and had a perfect score which earned them 3rd place overall (out of 90+ teams)! Plus, Razzle placed around 13th place with John too!

I overheard people in the crowd commenting on what an athletic, fast & focused dog she was and all I could think is “she is only 11 months old!”

Pam & John Crawford

P.S. For any of you looking for information on disc dog sports, there is a national site with links to various clubs throughout the country. For more information go to www.discdogezine.com There are also several email lists for disc dogs sports on yahoo groups.


Lock-Eye Razzle pictured at 7 months old.--- Lock-Eye Razzle-Almost one year old!