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Puppy Contract

Lock-Eye Border Collies
Michelle Weese
65616 South 4750 Rd, Westville OK 74965
(918) 723-3052
(Make checks out to Michelle Weese)

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Below is the Puppy Contract. If you can't view, please email me and ask for an email copy.

     Lock-Eye Border Collies
Puppy Contract

You can fill this out on your computer, print it out and sign it.
Or copy and paste it to your word document.
Mail contract and deposit to:
Michelle Weese
65616 South 4750 Rd, Westville OK 74965
918 723-3052  
(Make checks out to Michelle Weese via Priority Mail & Save your receipt for tracking)

This is contract is between the Seller ,Michelle Weese and the Buyer: 
Fill in all that applies to you. PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT SO I CAN READ IT

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________(Must be over 18)

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________________________State:________________Zip:________________

Cell phone:  ________________________________________Land line phone :_________________________________________

Email address:________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will the puppy be shipped via airplane?___________________ or picked up in person?__________________________

Nearest Airports(If being shipped) ___________________________________________________________Alternate airport:__________________________________________

This section is to be filled in by the breeder AFTER puppy is selected

Parents:____________________________________D.O.B_______________Litter nickname: ______________________________

Renamed: ___________________________________Microchip number: ________________________________________________


Our contract is a general contract. It is up to the owners to decide to spay or neuter. We do not recommend Spaying or Neutering before 2 year olds because dogs need their hormones for proper growth and bone density.
.Research has shown that there is a FIFTY percent increase in hip and joint problems in male dogs who are neutered before their growth plates have closed.. I'm sure it increases these issues for females also.
Please read this article on early spaying/neutering and the canine Athlete:

AKC papers will be full registration for all buyers.

**The deposit is $750 and the full purchase price is $1,500, The deposit is Non-Refundable.
Upon receipt of the deposit, you will be placed on our deposit list. Your place on the deposit list is determined by the date the deposit was received.
You do not have to declare a specific litter. The deposit list system allows you to pick from any litter born in the order you are listed. Your picking spot rises as those above you get their pups.
You can see the deposit list by clicking on the link at the top of my puppy page.   Hit refresh on your computer. 
This deposit locks in the price for 1 year. After 1 year, if there is a price increase in the puppies, you would have to pay the higher price.

Personal checks may be sent for the deposit, but not for the final payment, unless there are 2 weeks for the check to clear.. We also accept Paypal and credit card payments over the phone with a 3% surcharge.  (That is what they charge me for the service.)
The balance is due when you choose your puppy at 7 weeks, plus shipping costs, if they apply. Please send a money order or a cashier's check made out to Michelle Weese,
via Priority mail & save your receipt for tracking                                                                                                    
If you are having your pup shipped to you, add $400 for shipping/ misc charges. This fee includes your pup's plane ticket, crate (yours to keep),Veterinary Health Certificate and Microchip (Prepaid registration into national database).
Shipping charges are subject to change due to airfare increases. Price quoted is for shipping within the US. 
The puppy will be shipped or picked up as close to 9 weeks as possible.
We normally ship with American Airlines, but in extreme weather we use United or Delta.  These carriers may cost extra. We allow $200 for the plane ticket costs.  You will need to pay anything over that $200.
If the pup has to be kenneled overnight at an airport because of weather conditions or flight delays, the puppy buyer agrees to reimburse seller for these charges. ($100-$150 estimate) This has only happened twice in 28 years of shipping pups.
Puppies left past 9 weeks will be charged $10 per day. This is for training, vaccinations and food.  We prefer puppies to be in their new homes by 10 weeks at least.

Circle all that apply:

Sex of puppy desired: Female,    Male,     either.

Coat type: Rough (long haired),   Medium, (Just a little fluff)     Smooth, (short haired like a lab) or   Any Coat type is OK.

Color: Black and White,   Black Tri,   Red and White,    Red tri,    Red merle,  Blue merle, Blue merle Tri or Any Color

Are there any markings or other traits that you require?
(ie, A lot of white, Less white, blaze face, darker face)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is your goal for your pup when grown?(Agility, herding, pet, flyball, frisbee, etc) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What time frame are you looking at for getting a pup? If you are not wanting a pup immediately, then you will be placed on the “inactive list” Let me know within two weeks of a litter born to become active with that litter. ________________________________________________________________

Circle desired energy level (Also called “Drive) :

HIGH DRIVE!  Extremely Active, ("TURBO Charged") Peel off the ceiling type dog! (ONLY for experienced BC handlers!) 10 +

High—On a scale of 1 to 10, this would be an 8-9 drive level.

Medium (capable of doing any job, but not "over the top" hyper) About a 5 drive level.

Low (A low drive BC is still higher drive than most other breeds!) Even the "Low drive" BC must be kept "mentally stimulated and active!" These pups still need training.  Normally the lowest drive pups I ever have are around a 3.  They will still play ball and do dog sports, but they are calm and less excitable and not as prey driven.

I guarantee this puppy to be free of disease for two weeks following purchase. Your puppy has been examined by a vet a few days before you received it and was given a clean bill of health. You will be given a copy of the health certificate and a shot record indicating when the next shots are due. Please do not take your pup to the vet until these shots are due, with the exception of an emergency, of course.  Vet clinics are a  major  risk for disease exposure, especially when the pup’s immune system is stressed because of  the change in homes. Also, I do not advise taking your pup to places frequented by dogs, such as Petsmart, Petco or dog parks until after the pup's shots have been completed.  Please call me if your pup is showing any signs of illness after you get it. 
The breeder shall not be held responsible for any expenses incurred after the puppy physically changes ownership.
Your puppy will be AKC registered with full registration.  AKC names can be up to 30 letters and spaces. It is required that Lock-Eye be a prefix on the registration papers.
I do have a few dogs that can be ABCA registered for an extra cost. Please ask which dogs if you are wanting dual registration or ABCA only.

EYES: Your puppy will be genetically free of CEA because all of our adult dogs have been tested by Optigen labs. Visit for more information on this  blood test.
HIPS:  As a Breeder, I have OFA’d and/or Penn Hip tested ALL of  my intact dogs that I am considering breeding and in some litters, 5 generations of the ancestors have passed OFA and/or Penn Hip testing.  Even with all that testing, Hip dysplasia can occur. There are many genes that control the disease and it’s not fully preventable or predictable as with CEA.  As a breeder, I do everything  possible to prevent it. (Recommended testing.)  There are also things you, as the puppy owner, can do to prevent your pup from being at risk of HD.  Please read this article on Hip Dysplasia. 
I guarantee this dog to be free of hip dysplasia until the age of 24 months.  OFA testing is required for this guarantee, not just a vet's The buyer shall be responsible for any expenses incurred for this test. A copy of the test result, if dysplastic, is to be mailed or e-mailed to the Breeder. If the dog is found to have HD, the dog will be replaced. The buyer pays the cost of shipping the replacement puppy. The owner may keep the first dog and still receive a replacement.
If the dog is found to be dysplastic and was spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months, the guarantee is void. As stated before, spaying and neutering prior to growth plate closure can actually cause hip and joint issues.

  *Prior to growth plate closure, a pup's bones are still growing and developing. Jumping a puppy too high during the growing stage can cause health problems that would not have developed had the puppy's joints not been stressed. If the puppy is jumped over elbow height prior to one year of age, the hip guarantee is null and void. Your pup needs to be switched to adult dog food at 4 months of age as keeping on high protien puppy food can cause it to grow too fast.

We place our puppies in homes we intend to be permanent; however, as the breeder of this Border Collie, we will always accept its return. There will be no refund of the original purchase price. If this dog is sent back to the breeder for any reason, the AKC papers must be given to the breeder with a signed transfer.  I will also assist re-homing a Border Collie from it's existing home without returning it here.
A potential home that the current owner recommends is fine, but the breeder must be given contact information to assure we always know where our dogs are! 
The buyer agrees not to surrender his/her dog to Border Collie Rescue or an animal shelter of any type.
If you have problems with your dog at any age, please call me so that I can advise you how to deal with them. Don’t wait years to seek help!
This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of Oklahoma in Adair County and any dispute arising shall be resolved within the court system of Adair County, Oklahoma.
The buyer agrees to use the Kennel Name of Lock-Eye as a prefix with the AKC name.
The seller objects to the pup or grown dog riding loose in the open bed of a pickup truck!  Please to not gamble with your dogs life!
Please consider a crate or a doggie seat belt when riding in a car. It is much safer!  Accidents do happen and loose dogs are at risk. Loose dogs in a vehicle become missiles in an accident and could be thrown from the car. .

Signed by Seller; Michelle Weese:_______________________________________________ Date:_________________________________

Signed: (Buyer, over the age of 18) If emailing the contract, typing your name is legal and bindig:______________________________________________ Date:___________________________