Lock-Eye Peck on the Cheek, "Peck"
(Smooch x Rimmer son)

This is Peck's Herding Video Diary.
New clips will be on his first page and
older clips will be on this page.


(7 days of training)
March 19th_1st Large size
March 19th_1st Small size

pMarch 19thpp2ndp (Large size)
pMarch 19thp-2nd- (Small size)

March 19thp3rdp (Large size)
March 19thp3rdp (Small size)


Peck Herding at 1 year old.
(1st week of training)
Clip 1 Large size
Clip 1 Small size

ppppppppppppppClip 2 Large size (short clip)

ppClip 3 (Large size)
ppClip 3 (Small size)

ppClip 4 (Large size)
ppClip 4 (Small size)

pClip 5 (Large size)
ppClip 5 (Small size)

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