Lock-Eye Pearl

Lock-Eye Pearl is sired by Kathy Knox's Bob. Her dam is Lock-Eye Kit, our foundation bitch. Pearl's name came from being born on Pearl Harbor day. (Dec 7th, 1994 is her date of birth.) Pearl began her herding career at 10 months old. I was planning to wait until she was one year old before starting her training,but she had other ideas. We were picking up rocks in the pasture one day when she saw our flock of sheep (about 40 head). She proceeded to go around the sheep in a picture perfect outrun, so I waited to see if she would fetch them to me or “have dinner.” Pearl showed me that she was a totally natural working dog. She brought them to me without a "storm." Nice and easy. I let her fetch the sheep to me a few times and then we took our bucket of rocks and left the field. As she matured in training and progressed to cattle, the real test came. Pearl would counter a cow's challenge with a bite to the end of the nose and then let the cows walk off without any "Cheap Shots" on her part. Many dogs really love to stir up trouble, but it is a real dog who can move cow/calf pairs without a fight. Pearl is a true gem. Pearl also heels low. I have kept several of her offspring to carry on her legacy.
Hope, Style, Key and Phazer. Spice is Pearl's grand daughter and Dixie is out of Spice.

Pearl is 12 years old ( Born Dec 7th, 2004) and is spayed now. She still loves to gather the flock of sheep and is a great goose dog also. Pearl is one of our house dogs, and sleeps by my bed dreaming of cool creeks and lots of sheep.

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Michelle and Pearl

Wyn and Pearl in their usual spot-under my desk.


Pearl with the sire to Key and Style.

Pearl's son,Lachlan! This handsome fellow is totally natural on stock and has won many herding trials. He has his mother's stock sense. Debbie is promoting the true working-bred Border Collie in the show ring-not the foo foo BC!

Lock-Eye Pearl (L) and her son CH Lock-Eye Lachlan

Pearl on the left and Lachlan on the right

Debbie Willoughby directing Lachlan to drive the sheep.

Lachlan herding the coolest way! (In the creek!)

"The Flying Lachlan"

Lachlan and Debbie



Pearl's OFA papers


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