Lock-Eye Kit

Kit headin' and healin'
Kit is the reason many of the dogs I have exist!
She was our foundation bitch..

Lock-Eye Kit and her Sister, Clover were our first Border Collies. They were bought to train and show in obedience, as well as herding.

I was working at Siloam Springs Veterinary Clinic in Arkansas. (I worked there for 7 years) One of our clients, (Dennis Chamberlain) came in and said he had bought a trained Border Collie to gather his beef cattle. She was pregnant and wanted me to pass the word. I said that I thought it would be fun to train a dog to work cattle, so I bought two!

The first Border Collie I saw work was their Mother, Rose. She was a very honest worker. Never using excessive force, but enough to get the job done. She worked everything from Chickens to Bulls. Later, Rose was purchased by Dwain Thompson, of Huntsville, AR. Dwain showed her in many trials and did well. (Dwain won the first National Cattle Dog Finals in Alabama, 2001 with his dog Tee)

I decided to show Clover in obedience and train Kit for herding. I had Clover completely trained for her CD title and was ready to start taking her to shows. Since the breed wasn't AKC registered yet, you had to get an ILP (indefinite listing privilege) to show them and they also have to be spayed. To do that you had to send in their registration papers from the registry they were with and two photos. Front and side views. The application came back saying she did not look like a Border Collie to be given an ILP! Oh, was I mad!!! They obviously didn't judge a Border Collie on it's working ability at all! Not a Border Collie, MY FOOT! I wanted to send AKC a video of her on stock! She and Kit were both 100 % natural! Anyway, I trained them both on livestock and never looked back! Clover was sold to a local Angus rancher where she was their right arm until they retired from the cattle business. She now helps them chase the geese off the lawn at their new lake home.

Sadly, Kit died a few years ago, but she lives on in her many offspring. Lock-Eye Pearl is one of them, as well as Jack King's Casey. Jack and Casey placed 2nd in the 2001 National Cattle Dog Nursery Finals! Casey was originally called "Cash-Eye" because of a blue eye like her Sire, Lock-Eye Cash.

I am grateful that Kit came into my life. She was a solid foundation for generations of great cattle dogs!
She was OFA certified Good and her eyes CERF'd Normal.


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