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Clicker training has begun!!!
The pups are now 5 weeks old an we have started their official training.

Here is a brief explanation of what clicker training is.

A clicker is a small plastic and metal box that you hold in your hand and when you press the metal part, it makes a "Clicking" sound.
The first step is to simply "Click" and give the pup a tiny piece of food. (The pup or dog needs to be hungry before you train.)
This is called "Charging the clicker." You know the clicker is charged when you "click" and the pup snaps it's head around expecting the reward.
When you have reached that stage in training, you take it one step further by not clicking UNTIL the pup does something that you want to teach it like coming to you, sitting, laying down, or any number of cute tricks.
You pick one behavior and allow the pup to learn exactly what it is and then add the words that "cue" the pup to do the action. That is an important point in clicker training--you add the word/cue/command AFTER the behavior is "formed" the way you want it. As an example, when teaching the pup the cue word for down. If you have clicked for the pup laying down with it's body only part way on the floor and add the cue at that point, you will end up teaching the pup that Down means to lay part way down. In order to give the pup a clear understanding of what you are wanting it to do, wait until the behavior is exactly the way you want it BEFORE you NAME the behavior!
I will explain more about clicker training as this litter of pups progress.

In these clips you will see two people. I have the camera filming and the other person is John, my new training assistant. John is 15 years old and has taken to clicker training like a Border Collie to sheep! :-D
I sent him home the first day with my clicker training video and he said he took 6 pages of notes!
The first behavior I train the pups is to Come when called. It's much easier with two people.
The pup learns to come to the verbal cue, rather than from a reaction to your movement.
Please feel free to ask question about what we are doing in the clips.
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Below is a link to an index page of clips. Some are of clicker training and some are of the pups playing.

Oct 13th, 2005


Clips taken on Friday, Oct 7th. (3rd clicker lesson)

Kosmo 1 || Kosmo 2 || Kosmo 3 || Orion 1 || Orion 2

Athena 1 || Athena 2 || Athena 3 || Daria 1 || Daria 2 || Kelt 1 || Kelt 2 || Kelt 3 ||

Leto 1 || Midas 1 ||Midas 2 || Midas 3 ||Midas 4 ||Midas 5

Xandy 1 || Xandy 2 || Xandy 3 ||

Friday, Oct 7th! Pups playing.

1) Orion

2) Orion

3) Orion

4) MIdas, Daria, Kosmo and Xandy

5) Xandy, Kosmo and Daria

6) Xandy, Daria,Kosmo and Midas

7) Xandy, Kosmo, Daria,Orion and Leto

8) Leto, Xandy,Orion and Midas

9) Daria, Xandy and Orion

10)All pups playing

11) Orion and Daria

Videos from Sunday, Oct 2nd

1) Kosmo and Daria darling!

2) Leto eating and Daria sleeping on water bowl.

3|| 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11|| 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16


Videos taken on Sept 30th

11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16 ||

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 ||


Sept 27th.

1) Orion & Xandy outside.

2) Orion hugs Xandy. Very cute!

3) Xandy walk through toys and Orion stretching.

4) Orion and Xandy walk towards each other.

5) Kosmo on slide.

6) Kosmo and Leto

7) Kosmo slide toy again.

8) Kosmo close up

9) Leto and Kosmo

10) Leto run to slide, Kosmo run

11) Leto slide again

12) Kosmo toy, Leto slide

13) Kosmo toy

14) Athena toy

15) Athena Kelt

16) Athena Kelt toys

17) Athena and Kelt again.

18) Midas, Daria

19) Midas run to me and Daria

20) More Midas

21) Midas, Daria explore

22) Midas slide backwards

23) Midas sit

24) Daria play

25) Daria, Midas play

26) Daria

Sept 25th!- 24 days old

The "ABC" clips are of the pups starting to REALLY play!!! Click on a letter to play the video.
The "1,2,3" clips are of the pups when Mary and Jason from Tulsa were visiting.

7 days old:







5 days old:

1) Hope with pups (Puppy stretches near end of clip) 887 KB

2) Hope cleans pup (Large size clip!) 4 MB

3) Hope's face & pups ( Very small clip) 431 KB

4) Pup crawls (1 minute long) 1.32 MB

5) Puppy scramble! 943 KB

6) Kelt's birth. 927 KB