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Michelle Weese
Rt. 1, Box 603 Westville, OK 74965
(918) 723-3052

Lock-Eye Border Collies now have available several styles of "Logo" shirts and hats. The "Sport Shirt" with collars come in two colors. Light Blue and Birch. They come in all sizes. There is a large Border Collie on the back and a "Pocket" size border collie logo on the front left side.

Price: $20 + $5 S&H

Michelle in sport shirt
Back of Sport Shirt

Owner Michelle Weese in her Lock-Eye "Logo" Shirt with Collar.


Faye with Lock-Eye T-Shirt
"Front of Logo T-Shirt"
Back of T-Shirt
"Back of Logo T-Shirt"

The 2nd Style is a White T-Shirt with front and back logo designs. Can be Tye-dyed for an additional charge and is eye catching!

Cost of the T-Shirt is: $10 + $5 S&H

The hats are $6 + $4 shipping charges.
Lanny and Brick
"Hey Dad, when will that hairy caterpillar under your nose turn into a butterfly?"
Yes, this is my Brick as a puppy with his former owner.

We take Paypal,Visa,MC,Check or Money Order.

Lock-Eye Border Collies
Michelle Weese
Rt 1 Box 603 Westville, OK 74965
(918) 723-3052

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