Favorite Photo's


Blaze in the snow
This is Lock-Eye Blaze, who was renamed Hatsoff Blaze by Jerry Carte. She was leased by me in October, 2000 and produced a litter Sired by Lock-Eye Bronze. Lock-Eye Lazer is the puppy I kept out of that breeding. You can see him on our Stud page.

Duckie puppy
The "Duckie" puppy went to a lady in New Mexico. They actually named her " Lock-Eye Duckie" because of this photo. Duckie is Sired by Bronze and out of a Cash x Kit Daughter named Sadie.

Red Bandit
This has to be one of my all-time favorite photos. Lock-Eye Red Bandit has the most wonderful temperament! He really does "Smile" at you! He is a Bronze Son out of Lori. His story is on my reference page. Look for it!

Scarlett driving a tractor
This is a puppy named Scarlett. Her Littermate below has the same name also. This Scarlett has a wider blaze.

Scarlett as a pup with a ball

Scarlet and the lamb

Scarlet caught the lamb
This is Scarlet. Scarlet is from the first Bronze x Scarlet breeding. She is very intense. Now she's one year old and starting her career on stock.

Scarlet in chair

Ready to ride

Scarlet all grown up
This is Scarlet all grown up!

Scarlet head shot
"Scarlet all grown up"

Scarlett with lamb
This is Scarlet "Kissing" a lamb when she was still a pup.
Patch Skit 'em
This is Lock-Eye Patches.
Patch nose bite
She is a Pearl x Bill Daughter. Patches is a littermate to Blaze, Dazzel and Buff.
Bronze and Peanut
This is Lock-Eye Bronze with my cat, Peanut. This cat loves BC's!

Limbo and Cinco
This Collage shows two Penny/Bronze puppies from the Dec. 16th, 2000 litter.

We are repeating this breeding right now. (September, 2001) Taking deposits.

This is Lock-Eye Striker. He is a striking red and white son of Pearl and Bronze. I'd like to congratulate Shannen and Jack Jorgensen for the purchase of this handsome fellow! They will be training him for the Superdog challenge in Canada (Agility) and also to work livestock when he's old enough.

Lock-Eye Striker

Lock-Eye Striker

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