Border Collies in Agility.

Lock-Eye Border Collies are being shown and trained in Agility all over the USA and abroad.
We breed an intense working Border Collie that lives to work for it's owner.
Our dogs have the health and temperament to do it all!

Lock-Eye Tyme's a Flyin' ADCH, TM-Bronze, GCH, MX, MXJ, JHD
(Lock-Eye Lazer x Lock-Eye Vip)

February, 2005

I am the proud owner of Lock-Eye Tyme's a Flyin, JHD, NA, who we call Ty. His parents are Lazer and Vip and he was born May, 2003.I had been doing agility for about 2 years with my Cocker Spaniels, Libby and Lex. The agility arena was my first introduction to Border Collies.I started to become intrigued with their speed, focus and abilities. A friend, who I met through agility, started to bring her BC to my house totrain and I just fell in love with the dog.
I started to research different BC breeders. I talked to various people and had someone knowledgeable helping to guide my search.
I found Michelle's web-site and she landed on my list of breeders. I contacted Michelle and she immediately responded to all of my
questions and sent me out tons of information to help make my choice. I was somewhat hesitant at first about the deposit on an unknown puppy.But I kept asking questions and every time I talked to Michelle I would become more confident this was what I wanted.
What finally sold me on a Lock-Eye, was the foundation training that Michelle puts into these puppies. They are well socialized, are introduced to all kinds of new environments, noises and situations. I knew I was going to be using clicker training and Michelle's knowledge and training in this area was a huge plus!
So I put myself in Michelle's hands, told her what I wanted and she helped me pick Ty. Again, I was somewhat hesitant about getting a puppy sight unseen. But quite frankly, I am terrible about picking puppies based on looks and so decided it would be to my advantage to have someone with years of experience helping me. Michelle sent video clips and pictures of the puppies, kept us up to date and helped guide our decision. Even my skeptical husband was impressed.
Ty flew into Philadelphia and into our hearts and it's been full speed ahead ever since. He recently started trialing in agility and is just awesome!
He had been herding only a couple of times when he got his JHD title. I am convinced that no matter what arena we competed in, this dog would be wonderful.
I am often asked where I got Ty from and am always proud to say he is a Lock-eye dog. I have recommended Michelle to many people, and will most certainly get another puppy from her in the future.

Judy Kolva

Lock-Eye Layel, MX MXJ
(Lock-Eye Dinah, Rockin' G's Colt.)

Layel screaming 'round the Agility course!


March, 2005


I can hardly believe 3 years has gone by so fast. I want to update you on all that Layel has accomplished during this time. She is all that I said before and then some. We have competed primarily in AKC trials just because there are so many close by, but she is also accomplishing great things in USDAA , for the few trials she has done.
She and brother Reno won their pairs relay class in Freyberg, ME. last summer, which was very cool to see, like seeing double!
Again, that trial, Layel, brother Reno and another dog combined for the DAM team and came in 9th (Q) out of 43 teams, she has Q's in all of the games as well.
I am quite sure if Layel had a better handler, she would be close to her MACH by now, at a ripe old age of 2 ½. As it stands, she has 650 of the 750 MACH points and 4 double Q's.
These numbers were good enough to qualify her for the 2005 AKC agility Nationals in Tampa, which we did attend. Again, if Layel had a better handler her times would have been consistently in the top 12 or so, but alas, she is stuck with me, who is the one making the errors. Saturday's jumpers course she was less than a half a second behind Terry and Remy, for what would have been 5th out of 182, 20" dogs! I helped her miss her weave pole entrance, Ouch.

Regardless of the placements, she ran her little heart and soul off. As, you can imagine the Tampa convention center was a, "3 ring circus", with agility, obedience and breed finals going on under the same roof. On Saturday alone, there were 22,000 spectator tickets sold! Layel acted like a seasoned competitor as did both her brothers, Jag and Reno. That is quite a tribute to you Michelle.

She was also doing great herding, gathering naturally out in the big field, learning to drive, when a ewe plowed into me and trashed my knee and ending the "sheepies" for awhile.

Up here in the north east we are very fortunate to have many training opportunities, most of which I take advantage of. Layel is consistently recognized as a brilliant thinker who will do anything for me, without question, in a heartbeat and do it well.

If, I were not already at my limit here as to the number of dogs I can have, I would be sending you a deposit and saying, "pick my next puppy Michelle"

Needless to say, I love Layel and everything about her, she is my little buddy.

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts

MACH Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno, MAD (USDAA)

***Reno was the #1 Border Collie in AKC Excellent A and # 2 of all dogs in 2003!***
Way to go Karen and Reno! Great job!!

Michelle , What a year 2004 was, Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno started out the year in AKC Excellent A Standard and Jumpers W/Weaves, and quickly moved to Excellent B where he finished his MX and MXJ. In the process Reno earned 7 of the 20 Double Qualifications needed for his MACH. In addition Reno also Qualified for the AKC/Eukauba Agility Championships in Tampa,Florida.
When we went to the AKC Nationals in Tampa. Reno did so well, I am so proud of him. The Event was over whelming the number of dogs, competitors and spectators were in the tens of thousands and Reno handled everything like a pro and took it all in stride! We placed 26th out of 133 dogs in the 24" height division, and Reno is only 2 1/2 years old! We also compete in USDAA and Reno has his Agility Dog Title 'AD'. We plan on doing more USDAA this year, we are working in the Advanced level towards our AAD. Reno did compete in and Qualify in a DAM Team tournament in Fryberg ME with his sister Layel and the team placed 9th. Reno also earned a Qualifying score and 5th place in a Local USDAA Steeple chase qualifier.
Reno is an inspiration to me, no matter what we do he gives it his all. reno loves Agility, herding, hiking, swimming, and sunday napping with mom!

Karen Gorman

Reno smokin' up the Agility course!

Reno herding sheep

Kunabug, Mesa and Reno!

MACH ADCH Richfields A Kuna Mantada
Mesa MAD
MACH Lock-Eye Rodeo Reno, MAD (USDAA)

MAD= USDAA Master Agility Dog
ADCH= USDAA Agility Dog Champion
MACH= Master Agility Dog Champion
MX= Master Agility Excellent

ADCH MACH Lock-Eye Dress Whites
(Dinah x Colt litter, born 4-21-02)
Jag also has a Masters Title Certificate for: Tournament, Relay, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers.

The day JAG arrived at the Norfolk, VA airport marked the beginning of a new way of life for our family. He took his flight and change of address in stride and immediately adjusted to his new family. From the very first we knew he was special. Michelle helped me to select him by offering personality descriptions of all ten of the 2002 Colt X Dianah litter. We gradually narrowed down our choices but what really convinced me was his absolutely adorable panda bear face in one of the many photos Michelle sent.

JAG started agility trialing at the age of one and was at the AKC Nationals at 2 ½ where he performed brilliantly. He will be going again this year, his third time, now raising the bar and competing at 26." JAG has taught us much in the past several years and it is hard to believe he will be 5 in April. He earned his MACH at age 3 and his ADCH at 4 years and we are aiming for MACH 2 now and racing the clock. He is qualified for AKC World Team Tryouts which we will attempt in May, if all goes well.

We so adored JAG we decided to try another time with Michelle and Colt X Dianah and we now have Ace (12/31/06) who amazes us with the similarities he has to JAG yet still unique with several differences. Again, Michelle was helpful in sending lots of photos, video tapes and emails to help us select the "right one" for our multi BC family, and we feel Ace is the perfect fit for our family.

Ace is well adjusted, friendly, confident, athletic, bright, extremely handsome and very well proportioned for his up and coming agility career. We are blessed to have JAG and Ace in our family and look forward to years of enjoyment, entertainment and fulfillment with them. We love our Lock-Eye lads.






Lock-Eye's Making the Grade, AX and AXJ and Junior Dock Dogs
(Lock-Eye Vip X Lock-Eye Lazer)

Quiz is primarily an agility dog - and has just started his career and finished his Novice Standard and Jumpers titles in AKC. He is an exceptionally smooth and fluid dog to work - he jumps with ease and is totally responsive and biddable. Unlike many BC's he goes to the line without a "peep". Calm and collected to the line and on the start line stay - but once you say "go", he's completely ON. (What a boy!) I look forward to a long and successful agility career with Quiz.

Julie Baker-Conte

ADCH MACH Lockeye Flirt
(Lock-Eye Dinah x Rockin G's Colt)

Annie and Flirt

I purchased a Border Collie 3 years ago form Michelle Weese. The experience has been very positive in every way, from our first phone
call to our continued friendship. Flirt is everything I wanted in a dog and I was nervous as this was my first Border Collie and well, people
told me you know how crazy those dogs are!
Flirt is doing agility, has 3 MX legs, her AAD in USDAA, is just starting obedience and after one class knows all the novice exercises and is almost through the open exercises. She will be learning utility in another month or so.
Michelle has always been available to answer questions, and when I was lucky enough to get to her place for visit, she spent an entire
weekend showing us her dogs and around the beautiful area she lives. I was impressed with how the puppies were being brought up and will get another from her when I'm ready.
Flirt came to us crate trained and knew sit and down. She loves people, especially children. It amazes me every day how smart she is, I swear you can talk to her and she understands!
She is OFA good and is very athletic.
Thanks Michelle!!!
Annie Yang


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