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On this page,I will be adding photos as they are taken. New photos will be inserted at the beginning.
This is the first page I have done from scratch. Not fancy,but I did it! Michelle.

Above is my new mailbox,thanks to Sandra Davis in Indiana. She paints mailboxes by hand.
I LOVE The way the front “Captures” the very essence of my beloved Hope! The side views are of my foundation Stud dog and Logo, Syd.
Great work,Sandra! Click on the photos above to visit her web site


Pearl x Mick puppies Dec 5th,2002



Pearl's puppies on Dec 2nd,2002


Pearl's puppies's first meal

Brush-25 days old

Fine-Line at 25 days old

Key at 25 days old

Paint at 25 days old

Swizzle at 25 days

"Trad" at 25 days old

Above is Solar. I'm raising him up for a stud dog. (see stud page for more details)

Smooch relaxing under my desk and Smooch with her kid,Beth. The pic to the far right is Solar with Beth's mini longhaired doxie,"Mindy" and Frizzle,her mom and then my Sheltie Jayce,who actually does herd sheep! Notice the toy box.

The Davis family drove down to Oklahoma from Indiana to pick up their new puppy.

Sandra with the mailbox she painted!----The Davis Family with Storm.

Justin and his new pal. Elsa is a Great Pyrennes from Debbie Willoughby- Highlandpyr's Elsa guards the sheep and loves folks who visit!

The photos in this section were taken when the Kate puppies were 5 1/2 and 6 weeks old. The two Patches puppies were 6 1/2 and 7 weeks.


We go to the Canine College once or twice a week for socialization and playtime! Here are some photos taken on 11-11-02 The young man with Patches female # 2 is Parker. He and the puppies had a blast. I hope he comes back next week.

Below are some photos I took on our playtime in the pasture on Friday the 8th of Nov. We all had fun soaking in the sunshine and then taking a nap.