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Lock-Eye Ladies

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Lock-Eye Charming lady. Charm is a Dinah x Colt daughter.

Blastoff Wild Blue Yonder, aka Lilac is a Blast x Sage daughter. She will be bred to Peck in the fall of 2012

Legends Swizzle at Lock-Eye

Our Border Collies all have wonderful temperaments and Herding ability. We are determined to produce great working dogs that are a joy to live
with also. Physical soundness and Health are a high priority also. We Penn Hip and/or OFA prelim at one year old. At 2 years old, we X-Ray again for the
permanent OFA . Eyes are DNA tested for CEA, so we will never produce a puppy with CEA!
Lock-Eye Ladies all whelp inside our home in a loving environment. I can always be found "camping out" next to the whelping box holding the momma's paw during birthing. See Pearl giving birth video clips. Once the puppies are born, they are assisted out of the sack and cleaned off with a towel. We assure that each puppy has nursed. When the puppies are 4 weeks old, the real fun begins. Visit our Lock-Eye puppy page for a full description of our training process. To watch video clips of puppies at 8 wks old:CLICK HERE (Note: If you make a folder on your computer, right click on the video you want to
see, and then Save Target As,OK. It will load and then pop up and play) You will need Windows Media Player.

Our Foundation & Retired Females (Spayed, non-breeding)
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