Lock-Eye's The One To Watch-- "Demo"


Demo Herding for the first time!
Click on each link to see the clips.
Demo herding 1
Demo herding 2
Demo herding 3

Below are Demo's parents, Sheena and Lazer.
Demo's parents are both OFA Good and CERF'd Normal.
In addition to this, they are both DNA tested clear ("Normal) for CEA!
This is a new test. Read more about it at: www.optigen.com

Below are pics of Demo's ancestors.
Demo is sired by Lazer.

Lazer's sire is Bronze. Lazer's dam is Blaze

(OFA Good and CERF'd Normal.)

Sheena's sire is Cash. Sheena's dam is Breck

(OFA Fair , OFA Good (Breck) and CERF'd Normal-both.)

Cash is a Vip son. Blaze is a Pearl daughter.

Bronze's sire is a Syd son. Pearl is a Kit daughter.