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Border Collies
Lock-Eye Border Collies

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The info page was created to help prepare you for the pup's arival and how to prevent the most common mistakes in the first year.

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I'll tweet when I've updated my web site, or when a new litter is born!

Hi, Welcome to the Lock-Eye Border Collies web site! Border Collies excel at a variety of activities including: cattle dogs/herding dogs/stock dogs/sheep dogs, Agility dogs, search and rescue dogs, flyball, frisbee, and goose control dogs. My goal with the Lock-Eye Border Collie website is to give you important information in your quest for the "perfect" border collie to help you achieve your goals. Please visit the Border Collie References page to read all of the interesting things that Lock-Eye Border Collies are doing around the world! We are located in Westville,Oklahoma. (Green Country) We are close to the Arkansas border. Phone: 918 723-3052

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 My name is Michelle Weese and I've been training dogs in one form or another for over 30 years. I began when I was 12 years old with my first dog, Lad. He was a lab/terrier mix and I took my mom serious when she said I had to take care of him. I taught that dog everything from fetching to attacking on command! When I left home to join the Navy, Lad stayed with her and died at 14 years old.

During my time in the Navy, I was given a Golden Retriever as a gift and joined an obedience club. I was hooked on this dog training thing! Within several years I was offered a position as an instructor and I taught at Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club in Norfolk, Virginia, for the years I was stationed there. I also had a Sheltie and I showed both Logan and Jasmine in Obedience trials and titled both of them. I still love to teach Obedience classes and hold them in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

I got married and moved to Westville, Oklahoma, 28 years ago. My Husband, Donald and I have a 25 year old daughter, Beth who loves all the dogs. Her favorite time is when we have puppies! They are raised in the house and definitely get lots of attention. Beth won her first trial at age six with my foundation bitch, Kit. What a pair! You could sure tell that Kit was looking after Beth. Beth is now living in Tulsa, OK working for
Channel 6 News!

The reason I bought two Border Collies in the first place was because I wanted to do something "different" with dogs. I was intrigued with the whole concept of the handler and dog working together to control livestock. It has proved to be quite a rewarding experience. Who would have thought it would become a full time job?

I am extremely fortunate that Kit and Clover were totally natural at working stock. They were out of proven working dogs, Cattle dogs. Both Sisters would bite both ends of a cow and only when it was needed! These same dogs could move baby ducks without a feather ruffled. They just knew when to be gentle and when to be TOUGH. That is not something you can teach a dog. Today there are so many "trash" Border Collies being produced by breeders that are playing Russian roulette with their working instinct. Folks just put two Border Collies together and expect great things. It does not happen that way. A breeder must carefully select which stud and female Border Collies bred together will create puppies that improve the breed, not dilute it. The parents must be OFA or Penn Hip certified. ( )We have also DNA tested all our dogs and they are genetically free of CEA. (Collie Eye Anomoly) Many breeders do not think these precautions are necessary, but they are only hurting future generations. You don't KNOW if your dog has HD or CEA just by appearance.

I've had Border Collies for 25 years now. I raise, train and sell them as a full time occupation, which keeps me busy! The dogs I breed specialize in practical farm work. Many are also winning Cattle and Sheep trials for their owners. Several are being used as Goose Control dogs and a quite a few are being trained for Search and Rescue work, Agility, Flyball, Dics dog and even Dock Dog diving!! My pups make great pets also. It's important to pick the right pup for the job.
I pride myself on breeding strong working dogs that have character. Take a look at our current Border Collie pups for sale.

Spice x Mick daughter 8 weeks old.
Please do not use this photo without permission!

There have been a huge number of Lock-Eye puppies purchased for the sport of "Agility". At first I didn't know what to think of this, or if my dogs would perform in such a venue. My dogs are bred for their strong working instinct. The intensity they have IS what allows them to preform well in Agility. Think about it. If they can "shake off" a cow's kick, what's falling off of the A-Frame? If you combine that never quit work ethic with the desire to please their owners, (called "biddable")you have a winning combination! At the 2010 National USDAA Finals in Louisville, KY, there were at least 9 Lock-Eye competing! One made it to the final round!
My Border Collie puppies are taught from an early age to play tug and are clicker trained starting at 5 weeks old. They are well socialized with the world and are set up to succed with all we do before they go to their new homes.

Click here to see video clips!
Video clips!

Wanting to know what all the fun was about led me to The Canine College's Beginner Agility Class. I attended 3 months with Smooch and now I "play" Agility in my spare time. My nice husband, Donald built me an entire course. I found Smooch's stock commands extremely useful in class. When I told her to "steady" she went slow and when I said "walk up" she walked up the equipment! The "Shhhh" command is the "Speed button" with stock and it worked in Agility also. Smooch did me proud in class and was quickly the demo dog for contacts. Smooch is now 12 years old and is retired.

Lock-Eye Couch Potatoes...
...If you come to visit,bring a chair! ;-)

Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have.
918 723-3052 (Westville,Oklahoma)

Lock-Eye Border Collies is located in Westville,Oklahoma.

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